2021 marks the beginning of the Decade of Ocean Science, proclaimed by the United Nations, which aims to involve new generations so that they become aware of the importance of marine ecosystems and how to protect them.

Knowing and understanding how the ocean affects us and how we affect the ocean is critical to living and behaving sustainably.

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The health of the ocean is dependent on all of us, and it is vital that everyone, even those who live in the city or the mountains, gets involved.


The Project for Schools

You can request to join the project and access our educational kit by signing the Charta Smeralda for organizations and filling out a very short questionnaire aimed at understanding your school's commitment to the environment.

You will get access to various educational content (teaching cards, video clips, coloring posters etc.) for your primary and secondary school students.

To sign the Charta Smeralda CLICK HERE. You will be redirected to our website, scroll to the bottom where your school can sign the Charta Smeralda for organizations. N.B. It is important that the Charta Smeralda be signed on behalf of the school!


The Adventure of Water

If you teach a fourth grade class you can request our game, "The Adventure of Water" dedicated to raising awareness of water's role as an element that is vital to life and understanding its path from the mountains to the sea in a fun and interactive way. The kit includes an illustrated notebook and a board game which explain the journey of water and pollution, starting from glaciers and finishing in the sea. This adventure addresses the theme of pollution in order to generate greater environmental awareness among very young participants.

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Ocean-Friendly School? 

By joining the project "The Sea Starts Here", your school commits to implementing and promoting good practices to protect the sea as well as integrating content related to safeguarding the ocean into its lessons. The institute will also be asked to sign the Charta Smeralda.